Transplant City Brewing Company

A microbrewery brewing adventurous brews in historic Litchfield Park, AZ. Home of the BeerdOPower!

Covid Procedures

TCBC Covid-19 Reopening Procedures

Please remember, we have roughly 400 square feet of serving space, so we ask that nobody move any seats from their current position and that everybody observe and obey the “No Standing” signs.

Please also take full advantage of the automatic hand sanitizer stand.

  • Cleaning Procedures.
    • For all high touch surfaces, we are cleaning with 70% isopropyl alcohol.
    • For all tables / chairs / bathrooms we are using a Quat based sanitizer that will sit on surfaces for 10 minutes to ensure a “full kill” per the guidelines set by the CDC and followed by hospitals.
  • Keeping Customers Safe
    • One time use paper menus/wipeable laminated menus
    • One time use plastic glassware
      • No flights for the time being
    • Bar top seating
      • 6 Foot spacing between each party. Additional seats will be removed once you’ve sat down.
    • Table Seating
      • No parties over 6 people. We understand that the state limit is 10 but we want to help keep everyone as safe as possible.
      • There will be 6 feet of space in all directions around each table, including 6 feet away from the bar top.
      • Patio seating will be available.
    • Table Sanitizing
      • All table decorations are being removed for now
      • Wipe down/soak tables and chairs after each use
    • Games
      • Board games removed. You are still free to bring in your own.
      • Packs of brand new cards $1.50
    • We are asking that people do not move from seats/chairs. Once you have picked a table please stay there for the remainder of your visit. This is due to the long time needed to properly sanitize a table.
    • Bathrooms
      • Bathrooms will be cleaned/sanitized every 30 minutes. 
      • There will be a timer to help the staff stay on schedule.
  • Staff Procedures
    • Do not come in if you are feeling sick
    • Please take your temperature at home before coming in and do not come in if your temperature is above 100F (CDC guidance is above 100.4)
    • Face mask must be worn the entire shift. This is to ensure that our guests and staff are kept safe.
    • Taking Payments
      • Please strive for contactless payments (tap to pay cards, Google Pay, etc…)
      • For chip cards, hold the tablet and have the guest place their card into the reader and remove it once payment is finished
      • Signatures have been turned off to prevent the need for guests to touch tablets.
      • Ask the guest what amount they would like to tip and enter it on the tablet for them
      • Cash should be taken only as a last resort. Please avoid it as much as possible.
        • If you need to accept cash / make change please wear gloves and discard them immediately afterwards, followed by washing your hands immediately
    • Bussing tables
      • Please have guests throw away empty glasses / used menus.
        • This helps prevent cross-contamination and keeps you safe
      • If a partially full glass needs to be cleared or there are additional uncleared items on the table that need to be immediately removed afterwards, followed by proper hand washing.
      • Wipe down the table then spray down the table and chairs with Quat. Make a note of the time and allow the table to sit for 10 minutes. Dry table as needed.